21 Types of Motivated Seller Leads
For Your Real Estate Investing Business

A consistent flow of Motivated seller leads is the single biggest factor for real estate investing business success. Year in year out, absentee landlords, probate estates and other types of motivated sellers are looking to sell their properties outside the currents of the conventional real estate cycle.

Are you answering their call?

I know the feeling of getting an unwelcome call about a broken dishwasher or even, thousands of miles away from a tenant who has depreciated the value of your property. It's not a good feeling.

What if you could funnel all those prospects into a marketing system that helps you stay in touch with them, screen them and close them on selling their house to you, or buying a house from you?

On this page, I'm going to list 21 types of motivated seller leads you can work with, and ways to systematize your marketing.

21 types of motivated seller

Distressing Landlord Situations

  1. Absentee Landlords
  2. Tired landlord (ugly tenant issues)
  3. Vacant property landlord
  4. Junk property landlord

  5. Owners in need of mediation/Jointly-owned property

  6. Estate of deceased property owners (probate)
  7. Divorce filers
  8. Other disputed real estate-business partners, etc
  9. Active sellers with Urgent needs

  10. Job relocating professionals
  11. For Sale By Owner in down markets
  12. Houses for sale in undesirable neighborhoods
  13. Sellers who are upside down (negative-equity/short sale situations)
  14. Sellers who need to move quickly (not always job related, school district relos, etc)
  15. Homeowners facing change or distress

  16. Owners who need downsizing
  17. Owners in pre-foreclosure status
  18. Owners who need quick financing (non-real estate related)
  19. Owners with liens on their property (tax, housing violation, mechanics, etc)
  20. Corporate and Institutional sellers

  21. Companies with excess property inventory
  22. Companies in need of quick cash
  23. HUD Homes- Government agency seizures
  24. Government agency excess inventory
  25. Banks – (REO/ Bank-owned properties)

Systematizing your prospect generation & management
Much A.D.O. about marketing

How can you make sure that you source your properties in a manner that is consistent, reliable and sustainable?

A.D.O. is an acronym I use that represents:


These 3 elements must be applied to the 3 ways to grow any business:

  1. Attracting more prospects
  2. Screening and converting more prospects to closed deals
  3. Gaining greater leverage and value from closed deals

So for example how can you automate, delegate and outsource step 1?

How about:

  • Creating prospect-attracting websites (for buyers, sellers and lenders),Use Online Pay per click
  • Creating a referral marketing plan to approach Joint venture real estate agent partners
  • (delegate)
  • Recruit real estate bird dogs (outsource/out-task)

For Converting your leads:

  • A customer relationship management system (ACT!,Goldmine, salesforce.com)
  • Ezine marketing and contact system (Aweber,ConstantContact,etc) and autoresponder sequence.
  • Teleseminars are also a great tool for keeping engagement with prospects.
  • Postcard marketing is great as an offline "touch" system

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